Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A simple task for January

About a year ago, I started to paint with some seriousness. I've painted for many years off and on, mostly off, but put off "serious study" until I could finish my career and had the time to really work at it. I had a great year learning a new medium, finding courage to join classes, workshops, paint outside, and start to consider myself an artist.

A pivotal time for me was taking a workshop last summer with Leslie Saeta, an artist from South Pasadena who uses a palette knife exclusively. I learned a lot from Leslie, and have enjoyed the ripples that still occur from going to her workshop. Leslie has issued a challenge for artists, to paint 30 paintings in 30 days in January. Sounds like a good way to start 2013. There are over 200 artists joining this challenge - if we're painting so much, how are we going to look at the other paintings?

I decided it was time to track my progress on a blog - so here I am. There's still a lot of family and friend stuff going on, so painting time may be at a premium for a while, but I'm determined take a stab at it.

The collages above and below are of a few of the paintings I did in 2012.

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