Friday, January 4, 2013

30 in 30, #2 - look familiar?

 January Cold, 6"x6" inches, oil on panel

Sometimes I will paint the same subject twice, immediately. I have found that I often learn so much during the first painting that I can apply to the second.

Today was a challenge; I wasn't able to get to my paints until evening, and was interrupted a couple of times. I decided to paint the same glass pieces as yesterday, but on a black panel. I have a few gessoed black panels prepared, so it seemed an easy setup. Except the light was different, my eyes were tired, and did I mention I was interrupted a couple of times?

Anyway, this is what came out of it. I really like painting on black, but I really have to work at each stroke being intentional so I don't just willy-nilly spread paint around and cover up all that pretty black depth. Starting with the lights is so backwards, but kind of thrilling.

I love this little green bottle. It's a Depression glass piece that is missing its top -- but it makes a great vase for a few flowers. I started and then wiped out the little clear bottle from yesterday's painting; it just wasn't working today. The swirly blue vase is a great color. I need to buy some flowers tomorrow -- January is about the only month when I don't have flowers in the garden, and I'm missing them!

paint sketch, beginning, block-in


  1. I like the swirls in your blue glass. This challenge keeps us busy!

  2. Thanks, Linda. Yes, I'm wondering when I'm going to do other things! Maybe February?


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