Thursday, January 10, 2013

30 in 30, #8 - A Rose by Any Other Name

A Rose by Any Other Name, 6"x6", oil on panel

I originally titled this painting "Rosarium Eutersen" – probably only about 500 people on earth (and none reading this blog) would know why. That's the name of this rose, which was named after a rose garden in Germany. It is a fabulous rose, which deserves to be much more widely known, and I'm so glad I planted one years ago. It's a moderate climber, and the spring flush it produces is breathtaking, even among the bounty of a Southern California spring.

So this bunch is one small clipping that showed up in November on my plant. I brought it in to enjoy, and snapped a couple of photos for a future painting. The color is really unusual, a very coral-pink. I actually bought a new paint color to try to capture it; came close but not completely there.

I don't paint roses often, although I love them and have about 25 varieties in my yard. This was a good challenge. Basic shapes, values, don't get too fancy with details.

I want to thank those who leave comments – you can't imagine how encouraging they are to me.

oil sketch, first darks


  1. Incredible! Makes me think of Mom & Dad's roses, which at some point are going to be replanted! Also I am gaining inspiration and courage to take an art class: colored pencil drawing. Don't have any way to post them when I start in March, so I will keep up the news as best as possible! Keep painting. I can still remember you in Fa-Fa's backyard, over by PCHS, standing at an easel painting. I was so in awe, and still am. Take good care of YOU this year!!

  2. Thanks, Sandy. I remember your mom's roses in Nan's front yard; she loved them so.

    I'm so glad you are taking an art class!! I know it takes courage. I took two last year where I learned what I "didn't" want to do. Through a series of circumstances, I found my current teacher's class and have learned so much. She really encourages me. You know you can have a blog too; you already have a google account and it's absolutely easy. Go to and play with it until you're ready to be public.

    As for your memory of me painting? I don't remember! So I'm glad you do; I will claim that memory for myself. Hugs.

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  4. Hi Cindy!

    Your painting is beautiful. I love roses and have more than 100 in my garden. I love looking on your blog each day to see what new masterpiece you've created.

    See you in class on Monday.

    1. Thank you Jeanne! I appreciate the compliment, but I don't think they are masterpieces. I'm trying to apply the discipline and also to do scary things. (Like this blog.) I am amazed at what painting this often accomplishes; I'm learning so much.

      I'm so glad you joined the class. (You should totally have a Rosarium Eutersen rose too.)

      see you Monday.

  5. I love roses and have painted many of them. You did a great job. Hope to "borrow" some from your garden some time!

  6. You picked the perfect rose color for this one! : )

  7. Thank you; it was fun to mix it. I think it was Permanent Rose, which I believe is basically Quinacridone Red.


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