Thursday, January 31, 2013

30 in 30, #30! — High Noon at the Back Bay

High Noon at the Back Bay, 8"x8", oil on board

#30!! We did it! I started a day late, used a watercolor sketch once, and doubled up a few times, but I completed 30 paintings in 30 days. Kudos to Leslie Saeta, who created this challenge!

This was painted today at my plein air class with Kim VanDerHoek, at the Newport Back Bay. We shared the small area with about 200 elementary school kids who were on a field trip, so it was a bit noisy. But it was a gorgeous sunny day, and painting outside was a good way to spend it.

It's been a crazy month. With all the painting going on, not a lot of other stuff has been happening. We did get the Christmas things put back in the garage (the last box was yesterday) but it took a while. I'm pretty sure the bills have been paid. There have been a lot of nights when at 7:00 pm, I said "How about if we have a salad for dinner?" and my husband has been a trooper.

I have learned so much. I've learned new things I like to paint, and new surfaces, and tried new colors and mixtures. I've painted en plein air, and I've painted on the dining room table in a vacation condo. I like painting in my studio best, and I LOVE my new 27" monitor. I can zoom in and rotate reference photos, and best of all, I can see them clearly.

February will be different, for sure. I'm hoping to paint most every day, but won't finish a painting every day. I want to do some studying, and will be taking an amazing workshop for five days next week. I'll post about it, since I know it will be something I want to remember.

Thank you, everyone who has looked and/or commented, and been so kind. I'm very fortunate to be doing something I love.


  1. To art & accomplishment. Beauty & never giving up. Inspiration from another who's trying and changing. Not to mention a husband who will eat's a good guy to be patient with the Irish =) Have fun at your workshop. Hugs!!!

  2. Keep posting Cindy, it's been a joy to be along for the ride!

  3. It has been a joy to discover your blog and follow your work. Congratulations on completing the Challenge, Cindy! I'll be looking forward to see what you post next.

  4. Talent and determination can paint a pretty picture! Compliments sweet friend. Enjoy your workshops.

  5. Sandy, Liz, Linda and Jodi -- thank you all. What wonderful, kind comments! I am really overcome by the idea that other people (even relatives, ha!) actually want to look at what I create. You are all part of this and I appreciate it. xo


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