Thursday, January 24, 2013

30 in 30, #22 – Jungle Lily

Jungle Lily, 6"x6", oil on panel, sold

I will be the gladdest thing under the sun! I will touch a hundred flowers, and not pick one! — Edna St. Vincent Millay

I have loved daylilies for years — I've done many watercolor studies of them, and taken hundreds of photos. Last summer, we were at the Los Angeles Arboretum at prime daylily season, and I was in a spot of heaven. The daylily garden there is really amazing. I did not want to leave.

This is painted from a photo from that day. Red daylilies are pretty exotic, and this painting reminds me of a jungle. Leaves going every which way, deep colors.


  1. Just when I think I have a fave, I get another one. Definitely between this and the radishes. Colors which stir the soul!! Beautiful!!

  2. I'm glad you like it! It was fun to paint.


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