Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Uplift in Praise

Uplift in Praise, 5"x5", oil on panel, SOLD
 ©2013 Cindy Greene

“Daisies infinite 
Uplift in praise their little growing hands, 
 O'er every hill that under heaven expands.” 
 — Ebenezer Elliott

 More cheerful, happy daisies, bringing thoughts of spring! It's chilly and promising rain later this week, but little vases and bottles of white daisies around the house are definitely making me think about working in the garden. I pruned back the last (forgotten) rose this morning, and planted a few white impatiens that had been sitting around for a while. 

It's been great having painting time in the studio this week, and I'm heading to the Back Bay tomorrow for a Plein Air class with Kim VanDerHoek. I'm really concentrating on painting from life, either plein air or from set-ups in the studio. I have several paintings in mind from reference photographs, but I'm putting them aside for a bit.


  1. Sorry if first comment went through and I'm repeating myself.

    Love the paintings =) Are you going to sell only those on Daily Paintworks?


  2. No only one comment - have to approve them now, and I've been out all day.

    Thanks for the love! ;-) DPW is the only "gallery" I have now, but most of what I've done is for sale.

  3. Even though I don't comment much, I look at your site every day, and I love it! I love the new connection between us with art classes. I want to put some of your art in my home as a connection, not only between us, but of many generations before us.

    I will get back to you about the paintings. At least keep the "Mum On Green" for me =) Thanks! Still kicking myself I didn't buy the Daylilies...

    My classes start next Tues and Weds. Will keep you informed.

    Happy Weekend to you and Stuart. Happy Painting.



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