Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 30 in 30 — The Perfect Rose

The Perfect Rose, 6"x6", oil on archival board, ©2013 Cindy Greene
$100 available here

My friend Leslie picked this rose from my front yard on her way into the house one day, and announced that it was "the perfect rose." We took some photos, and I'm glad I did. The rose is Princess Marianna, and it's a very small shrub rose with pale pink, perfectly shaped blooms. Sadly, no scent, but I enjoy it anyway.

Tomorrow's painting — another trip to Bolsa Chica Wetlands!


  1. Cindy, this rose is really lovely! So delicate and serene. Great job. So glad to see you again in 30 in 30!!!

    1. thank you Linda; good to see you too! I've been following your work and really enjoy it.


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