Friday, September 20, 2013

September 30 in 30 — Path to the Marsh

Path to the Marsh, 5"x5", oil on gessoed panel, ©2013 Cindy Greene

I'm having a lot of fun going through the photos I took this summer, and painting some of the scenes that I didn't have time to paint while I was on location. This is one of the photos I took at the Newport Back Bay. I love paths. 

I'm still using the very limited palette — and I love it!


  1. Just beautiful!

    So.........what IS your limited palette, Cindy????

  2. Thank you, Donna. I'm using a palette recommended by Lori Putnam — I think I need to write a blog post about it! I will try to write tonight, after my daughter has left. I want to spend some time with her right now.


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