Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 30 in 30 — Half-Mast

Half-Mast, 5"x7", oil on linen panel, ©2013 Cindy Greene
available here
I wanted to paint an American flag yesterday, as a way to remember and mark September 11. It had a profound impact on me, as I thought of little else all afternoon and far into the night. My husband and I also watched a memorial television show, which brought the impact back so completely. Of course, September 11, 2001 is one of those iconic dates that everyone (of an age of course) has burned into their minds. Being on the West Coast, two of our daughters were getting ready for school when the eldest heard the news on her radio. Our youngest daughter had badly broken her leg the previous Saturday and was bed-ridden until the swelling lessened to allow a surgical setting of the bones. So we were mostly house-bound that week caring for her (it took two of us to lift her to try to minimize the pain), and of course glued to the television. One of those nether-world sorts of times. 

As to the painting itself, the wide-angle of the camera over-emphasized the angled perspective. I tried to compensate, but I think it is not quite right. But I am happy with the flag, which was the purpose of my painting, so decided it's time to move on. 

Again, I am reminded of how grateful I am for a "normal day."


  1. Great job with the flag! I remember watching the news with Dad that morning - I can't believe it's been twelve years.



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