Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Red Flag Day

Red Flag Day, 5x7", oil on linen panel, ©2013 Cindy Greene

My painting buddies and I arrived at one of our favorite beaches early yesterday. The sand has been eroded by the large waves, so the available beach was much smaller than last time we were there. We got first choice of spots, though, since there was no one else there except a man with his metal detector. We'd been warned of the riptides and large waves, so we stayed back on the upper beach. By about 11:00, the beach was nearly full (the parking lot was), and the sun was out. So, so gorgeous. The poor lifeguard earned his keep by hopping off his stand to chase people away from the rocks.

I painted "Red Flag Day" early, before the sun came out. Many of the rocks in the tidepools are covered with algae or seaweed, and such a great color of yellow-green. To get the wave correct, I kept stopping and waiting for the next wave to come in to "see" the next stroke. Fortunately there were a lot of waves to help me out.

Debbie's great view of the tidepools

Jeanne painting the cove view.

We kept remarking about how many amazing colors were in the ocean after the sun came out. From a dark grey-blue at the horizon, to turquoise around the tidepools, to many colors of green near the beach — what a treat for the eyes. Here's a sample.

A bit of paradise on a July morning.

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