Friday, July 5, 2013

Early Summer

Early Summer, 9"x12", oil on panel, available here,
©2013 Cindy Greene

Although I have not been blogging, I have been painting. With a large amount of what seems to be known as Real Life going on in the last few weeks, I decided to just work on studies. No stress, just work. Process, not product! So I have been doing small studies of glass inside, and also painting outside whenever possible. Several afternoons I have sat in my patio and painted whatever the sun was hitting at an interesting angle. One day I took some tea boxes outside and painted them. None of these studies are blog-worthy, but they have served a good purpose. I've been really working on seeing the effects of light, shadow, local color of everyday objects, value changes in dappled shade vs. sunlight. Fun stuff.

So where did this painting come from? I have so enjoyed the jacaranda season this year. My podiatrist moved to a new medical building, and these jacaranda trees line the street of the office park. The field behind the trees will no doubt be the new home of yet another large complex soon. I was so taken with the sight of a large empty field lined with blooming jacaranda trees (in the middle of a large city), that I pulled over, snapped some photos and came home to paint it. The trees are young, probably planted earlier in the year, but were blooming beautifully. And the sprained ankle is finally healing.

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