Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Irreparable Past, Irresistible Future

Some favorites from 2013, ©Cindy Greene
Of course, today is filled with year-end thoughts, resolutions, goals ignored or exceeded, possible regrets, enormous thanksgiving. I've had the gift of time this week with two of our daughters who live in other cities — and memories of the time spent last week with all our children. I'm full, tired, grateful, humble, probably irritable. I want to acknowledge the passage of 2013 in some way.

A year ago, I set a few art goals for 2013. They included starting a painting blog, taking a workshop, getting comfortable with my plein air excursions, entering a show or two, and joining a local art organization. I'm amazed that I have completely exceeded these intentions; I can't remember ever doing that before. This is something I love doing, and that God-given drive combined with the encouragement of my husband, children, friends and even strangers, has pushed me along. 

Obviously, there's a painting blog — you are reading it. I took a great workshop last February with Carol Marine, and met some other artists I enjoy following. I had a great time regularly painting plein air with a couple of friends during the summer, and found a comfort level (the mastery will come in twenty years or so I guess). I joined a local art group — it may not be where I stay, but it was a start. I entered four shows near the end of the year; all were good experiences.

For someone who is by nature quite shy, this has been a total "out of the comfort zone" experience. I love painting, and I am so thankful that so many of you enjoy what I paint. I'm thankful for all of you, and wish you a most happy and blessed 2014.

"Leave the Irreparable Past in His hands,
and step out into the Irresistible Future with Him."
— Oswald Chambers


  1. love your collage, and the title for your post....how true those words are.
    your paintings inspire

    1. Thank you Cindy! Chambers always gives me something to think about. I so appreciate your comment.


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