Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Workshop Wednesday

Pink #2, 6"x6", oil on panel

Well, the Carol Marine workshop is over the hump, and there are only two days left. 

Yesterday was fairly intense, as we had timed paintings and then stroke-limited paintings (also timed). The 10-minute painting exercise is fun, and a great way to loosen up and just paint what you see.

The stroke-limiting exercise was interesting. Carol announced, "Painting is like golf. The fewer strokes, the better." To help us get to the essence of our subject, we had to plan out how to paint it first in 20 brushstrokes. We complained, but it wasn't too bad. I actually didn't use my 20th stroke. Then another 10 minutes and 15 strokes. Still looked like a pomegranate. Last, 10 strokes. There were a lot of curved strokes in the room. I ended up with time left, but no strokes. Since I had a fourth square left, I did a quick painting not counting my strokes, but trying to limit them to what was necessary. I like this last one best.

Pomegranate Study, 6"x6", oil on panel

Today was full. Another demo (my very favorite part of the workshop), studying composition and then an exercise on laying down a mixed color, leaving it, and then choosing another mixture, laying it down, and so forth. We took some time setting up our subjects, quite some time actually. I scored a lovely pink gerbera daisy and enjoyed the process. I finished two different views by quitting time.

Pink #1, 6"x6", oil on panel

Looking forward to tomorrow.

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